About Us

Karen is the dyer behind Feisty Fibres. Yarn has been a passion throughout her life.  It all began at the age of 8.  She was given a ball of yellow yarn and learned how to crochet.  Every Saturday morning, she could be found crocheting a hat to only frog it and make it again and again and again.  She believes this may have been the source of her disdain for the colour yellow.  

After many years of working in the not for profit sector she took the plunge and started Feisty Fibres in 2017. The dyeing studio has taken over what used to be her dining room which is a pet friendly home. Her cat knows better than to come close to the yarn.

Yarn names are inspired by music, culture, current events, and the weirdos she knows and loves. And to her surprise, she has fallen in love with yellow!